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Cocker Spaniel

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Need to know Cocker Spaniel

Such a popular dog – and with good reason too; perfect for those with enough time for lengthy walks, playtime and cuddles! Considered one of the top working dogs due to their ability to run, track and hunt with ease - as long as all needs are met Cocker Spaniels make a great addition to active families.

TEMPERAMENT: Affectionate, willing, sociable and intelligent, Cocker Spaniels are generally easy to train and enjoy plenty of exercise and human companionship.

APPEARANCE: Nicknamed the ‘Merry Cocker’ thanks to his personality and physical characteristics - the Cocker Spaniel is sturdy, compact and well-balanced as a rule. He has a square muzzle and a rounded skull with an intelligent and gentle face – a bright dog in looks as well as nature.

AVERAGE HEIGHT: 39-41cm (15-16 inches).

AVERAGE WEIGHT: 13-14.5kg (28-32lbs).

OUR TOP TIP: Cocker Spaniels are adorable and typically sweet in nature but be aware that they are popular both on the hunt and as household pets – this means that they need plenty of stimulation in the form of exercise, play and companionship. Cockers are often 'shadows' and don't like to be left alone for long periods.

Originally branded the ‘cocking spaniel’, this breed’s name was derived from a history of flushing woodcock. The Cocker Spaniel is one of the oldest spaniels known. As with a number of Gundog Breeds there is variation between those used for work and those used for show - the show Cocker is sturdier and heavier than his working counterpart.

EARLY REFERENCES: Upon their arrival in England centuries ago – the dogs were divided into seven different spaniel breeds including, the Cocker, the English Springer, the Clumber, the Sussex, the Welsh Springer, the Field and the Irish Water.

RECOGNITION: Cockers were first recognised as a separate breed from Field and Springer Spaniels soon after the formation of the Kennel Club in 1873.

BREED SUBTYPES: Solid colours are black, red, golden, chocolate (liver), black & tan, liver & tan. Part colours include a variety of bicolour, tricolours and roans.

Due to their popularity, Cocker Spaniels have not always been bred responsibly so can be subject to a number of hereditary conditions.

INHERITED CONDITIONS: Cocker Spaniels are prone to hip dysplasia which causes painful arthritis – this can however be treated by your vet.

LIFESPAN: 10 years or more.

EXERCISE RECOMMENDATIONS: Show Cockers should be given an hour’s worth of solid exercise on a daily basis, whereas Working Cockers need in excess of this, as well as significant mental stimulation. It's important you choose the right Cocker Spaniel to suit your lifestyle. 

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