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French Bulldog

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Need to know French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is relatively easy to look after and his core needs are fairly basic. He will thrive in a loving and happy home with a strong and caring family.

TEMPERAMENT: A bright and bubbly dog that enjoys the company of children and adults alike. The French Bulldog is highly intelligent and enjoys play time but also likes his creature comforts.

APPEARANCE: A utility dog, the French Bulldog is sturdy and compact with a good balance. His head is square with an almost-flat skull between the ears and a domed forehead.

AVERAGE HEIGHT: 30-31cm (12 inches).

AVERAGE WEIGHT: 10-12.5kg (22-28lbs).

OUR TOP TIP: French Bulldogs have a tendency to binge-eat – like us on a Saturday night. If you notice this is a problem with your dog then you could try switching to a diet food that allows him to eat that bit more without gaining excess weight.

A descendant of the Toy Bulldog, the French Bulldog is thought to be at least partly of British origin – despite the name.

EARLY REFERENCES: History has it that English lace makers, who left the Midlands for work in France, took their small Bulldogs with them. The stock is believed to have mixed with bull-baiting breeds from other European countries and was first shown in England around 1900.

RECOGNITION: French Bulldogs were initially recognised as a subset of the existing English Bulldog, however in 1905 The Kennel Club recognised them as a separate breed.

BREED SUBTYPES: The French Bulldog has a smooth coat which comes in a variety of colour combinations including; brindle, brindle & white, dark brindle, fawn, fawn & white, fawn pied, fawn with black mask, light brindle, pied and white.

French Bulldogs are also prone to over-heating on warm days so should always have a cool shaded outdoor area and/or a cool part of the home that he can call his own.

INHERITED CONDITIONS: The flattened face shape of this breed can cause snoring and breathing problems so keep your eyes peeled.

LIFESPAN: 10 years or more.

EXERCISE RECOMMENDATIONS: Because of their vivacious personalities you should exercise your French Bulldog for up to an hour per day.

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