Jack Russell Terrier

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Jack Russell Terrier

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Need to know Jack Russell Terrier

Offering total loyalty and dedication in return, Jack Russell Terriers suit anyone with enough time to keep them active and entertained.

TEMPERAMENT: Endlessly energetic, the Jack Russell Terrier is happy and fearless by nature. Highly intelligent, this breed craves excitement and, as such, should not be left on his own for too long as he will become bored quickly and resort to destructive behaviour.

APPEARANCE: Small, compact and sturdy in shape, the Jack Russell Terrier is well proportioned with a wiry coat, button eyes and a big, black nose.

AVERAGE HEIGHT: 28-38cm (11-15 inches).

AVERAGE WEIGHT: 5-8kg (11-15lbs).

OUR TOP TIP: The natural hunting instincts of the Jack Russell Terrier have been known to lead them astray for days on end, so make sure your garden is secure if they are left outside.

The Jack Russell Terrier dates back to 19th century England when Parson John (Jack) Russell bred a small terrier designed to chase out small game, particularly fox, from their lairs. From the Latin ‘terre’ or ‘ground’ – Jack Russell’s were bred to follow their prey into dens below ground.

EARLY REFERENCES: In 1894 the Devon and Somerset Badger Club was formed – and was later renamed to the Parson Jack Russell Terrier Club - and it was at this point that Bull Terriers were bred with Parson John Russell’s dogs to create the Jack Russell we know and love today.

RECOGNITION: Due to the Jack Russell Terrier's diversity as a breed, it is currently not registered on The Kennel Club breed register. The Parson Russell Terrier however is recognised which the Jack descends from.

SUBTYPES: Black & White, Lemon & White, Lemon, Tan & White, Tan & White, Tricolour, White, White & Tan, White, Black & Tan are all recognised colours for the Jack Russell Terrier.

The Jack Russell Terrier generally keeps excellent health but can suffer from heat stroke in warm weather due to his boundless energy.

INHERITED CONDITIONS: Like some smaller breeds, Jack Russells are prone to Legg-Calvé-Perthes – a disease of the hip joint. This can be treated with rest, painkillers and physical therapy but always check with your vet.

LIFESPAN: 12 years or more.

EXERCISE RECOMMENDATIONS: We suggest an hour of good exercise a day for a healthy and happy Jack.

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