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Yorkshire Terrier

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Need to know Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are naturally a very spirited breed and this must be kept in check from the start to prevent behavioural issues later down the line. Ensure he is well trained, exercised and socialised but also that he knows who’s boss!

TEMPERAMENT: Feisty by nature and hardy of character. Thanks to the terrier in him, the Yorkie is a lively little pooch with a natural hunting instinct. He enjoys games and walks and is highly intelligent and a quick learner.

APPEARANCE: The Yorkshire Terrier is naturally long-coated, with a straight coat that hangs evenly either side by a parting that reaches from nose to end of tail. He is very compact with a well proportioned body.

AVERAGE HEIGHT: 23-24cm (9 inches).

AVERAGE WEIGHT: 2.3-3.5kg (6-8lbs).

OUR TOP TIP: Yorkies are easy to travel with - happily placed in a chic dog carrier and taken around town. However, their boundless energy means they still need daily walks - throw toys like Frisbees, and use slings to help tire them out rather than you!

As with most breeds the exact origins are unknown but most suspect that the old Black and Tan Terrier is present in today’s Yorkshire Terrier, along with other breeds like the Maltese and the Skye Terrier.

EARLY REFERENCES: In the late 1860s, a popular Paisley type Yorkshire Terrier show dog named Huddersfield Ben, owned by a woman living in Yorkshire, was seen at dog shows throughout UK, and thus defined the breed type for the Yorkie.

RECOGNITION: The Yorkshire Terrier comes from the same area as the Airedale and was first seen around the 1850s, with the current name accepted by The Kennel Club in 1870.

BREED SUBTYPES: Yorkies can be found in a wide variety of colour combinations including; black & tan, blue & tan and steel grey & tan.

Yorkshire Terriers generally enjoys good health, however it’s always recommended to enquire about the health of both parents when purchasing a puppy.

INHERITED CONDITIONS: Like some smaller breeds, Yorkshire Terriers are prone to Legg-Calvé-Perthes – a disease of the hip joint. This can be treated with rest, painkillers and physical therapy but always check with your vet.

LIFESPAN: 12-15 years.

EXERCISE RECOMMENDATIONS: We suggest that your Yorkshire Terrier has up to 30 minutes of quality exercise per day.

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