Our commitment to you

We’ve been looking forward to bringing this one-off experience to you and are delighted to have both you – and your pooch – as part of the team.

We’ll be on call for anything you may need at any time of the day. If you need us, just contact us via the community where we’ll be hanging out during the trial.

All costs will be covered by us and all materials will be delivered straight to your door. Remember, if you have any concerns about the welfare of your dog during the food trial, you will be excused immediately.

And, at the end of the trial you’ll receive a special thank you gift from all of us here at PetsPyjamas! You’ll have the choice of either a £100 dog-friendly travel voucher or a special personalised treat hamper for your furry friend.

Your commitment to us

Now that you’re one of our pack leaders, you’ll use Concoctions at home for up to six-weeks from the beginning of November. You will monitor your usage of the Concoctions dog food and reorder your own refill packs from the microsite when you appear to be running out.

Please remember this is a trial and the first time we’ve done something like this on such a big scale so we’re bound to come up against some things we may not have anticipated. For instance we may run out of products or certain flavours sooner than planned. We hope to keep all of you updated as much as we can and really appreciate you bearing with us throughout this exciting new experience.

Get snap happy

You’ll record your pet’s first feeding experience using either your smartphone or digital camera, and then share your video clips and pictures with us. Feel free to send us as many mealtime pictures throughout the trial of you and your dog! There can never be too many doggie pictures in the world.

Keep us in the loop

Every Friday you’ll let us know how you’re doing by answering five quick questions. You’ll also join in with the weekly discussion that will take place on the Concoctions community forum. There will be three more detailed surveys for you to fill out during the trial. Each of these will take less than 10-minutes to complete.

Keep it on the downlow

You’ll have unprecedented access to Concoctions and we appreciate that you’ve agreed to keeping the product and your involvement in the trial completely underwraps. That means no pictures or comments on social media or even chatting about it in the park. Remember, you’ll have the community board where you can share all your thoughts and comments so we’ve got you covered. Concoctions is so hush hush that we’ll even need you to keep hold of all your empty packaging so we don’t risk it getting in the wrong hands. At the end of the trial you’ll need to return them, along with your shaker through a prepaid shipping service.

And have fun!

Most importantly, you’ll have fun, be open and honest with us about your experience, and enjoy your new style of mealtimes with your dog!

Need Help?


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