Allow dogs to travel on Eurostar in a designated carriage

The UK has 18 million pets and 48% of households with pets. 90% of UK dog owners holidayed with their pet in 2013, yet Eurostar doesn’t allow dogs to travel. The Pet Industry Federation reports increases in hotels welcoming dogs indicating pet friendly travel is key to the leisure industry. is campaigning for pets to be allowed to travel on Eurostar in a designated pet carriage. Eurostar’s policy forbids pets on their trains with the exception of guide dogs. Trains allow pets either side of the Channel and by car through Eurotunnel, but without a vehicle, there is little option. A pet-friendly Eurostar carriage allowing pet owners to travel with their dog, without affecting the quality of travel for other passengers would provide a much requested service. agrees pets travelling on Eurostar would require passport/microchip check, as with Eurotunnel & Calais. Public demand and the growth of the pet travel market suggest significant potential for business.


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