One of the best ways to showcase a professional pet business is to include some fantastic photos of pets. A great photo says a number of things about your business: it, of course, shows that your business deals with pets, but it goes further than this, showing the customer that a pet will not only be welcomed, but will be happy and comfortable. Plus, we all know that if anything sells a pet-related business, it’s a picture of an adorable animal. So, how should pet professionals take the perfect picture of your pet?



  1.  Use the treat trick. Make sure to give pets a few treats before you even get out the camera. This will immediately put your pet in a good mood. Then, try taping a treat to your camera or waving it while you’re taking your photos. This technique will make sure your pet is looking happily into the camera.

  3.  Include details of your business in the shot. If your business specialises in grooming, try a picture of a dog being washed. If you’re a pet professional that walks dogs, take photos of dogs out on one of your walks. Put simply, make sure your photo actually showcases the key aspects of your business, as well as a pet! 

  5.  Use good lighting. Make sure the light is hitting your pet to showcase all of his or her best features. Never take photos in a room that’s too dark, or outside when it’s really gloomy, and try not to use too much flash – your pet won’t like it, and their eyes will look strange. Bonus tip: when light hits an animal’s eyes they look extra shiny and adorable. 

  7.  Take a variety of shots. Make the most of your photo shoot by taking as many photos of possible in different poses. It’s frustrating to see that the one shot of your dog looking adorable was ruined by something in the background, so ensure you have a lot of photos to pick and choose from.

  9. Get down to your pet’s level. Kneel or squat to take your picture at your pet’s eye level. This will prevent getting lots of photos of your pet looking upwards and creates a much more intimate and adorable effect.