The Clifton

London, NW8 0JT

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This fabulous pub/restaurant is over 200 years old and was originally a hunting lodge for the King and his court. It is called a 'hotel' as royalty were not allowed to frequent public houses - so he asked to change it to a hotel. Strange but true! Lovely team, all very pet friendly and you and your dog are welcome in the bar and the restaurant areas.

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Monday - Saturday: 10am-11pm

Sunday: 12pm-10:30pm

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One of our favourite pubs!

This place is just brilliant - a fab example of a good, local pub! My family have been going for 20 years and when I moved to the area with my dog it was the first place I went. Pet friendly puts it mildly - these guys provide water and are doggy mad. Dogs are welcome in all parts of the pub, providing they are well behaved. Staff are lovely and the ales are great!
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