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Wimbledon, SW19 1RQ

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Creature Company, located on Wimbledon Broadway is a unique shop for pets. Not only selling organic products but also grooming Fido or looking after your small furry friends at their pet hotel.


They have served South-West London and its surrounding areas in their pet store and grooming parlour for 15 years.

All groomers are experienced animal lovers who will take care of your beloved pet and groom them to exact standards, from the smallest ones to the biggest ones. 

Your pooch is always supplied with fresh water throughout their treatment and they will happily give them treats too! 

They offer a wide range of services from simple nail clipping or fresh breath treatment to full body groom or quick groom. Why not take a look at the price list?


Your small pets are looked after in a clean and safe enviroment by their qualified and fully insured staff within their Wimbledon pet shop. Your furry friend is provided with all they need including cages, accessories, bedding, food, treats, fresh fruit, vegetables and water and hay. They are also happy to accomodate special diets and/or vetinary treatments if discussed and agreed in advance. Depending on the breed they are also provided with daily exercise in safe runs or exercise balls.

Prices are as follows

Mice £3.99 per day

Gerbils £3.99 per day

Hamsters £3.88 per day

Rats £4.99 per day

Degus £4.99 per day

Chinchilla £5.99 per day

Hedgehog £5.99 per day

Rabbits £6.99 per day

Guinea Pigs £6.99 per day

Ferrets £6.99 per day 

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