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Fulham, SW6 6QW

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The Dog Jogger is the perfect workout! Certain dogs need more than a little stroll or play in the park - some of them simply require the extra physical exertion, some of them need to drain their mental energy just as much in order to make them calmer or generally better-behaved dogs. Running several kilometres helps to achieve all of these and has the added benefit of nurturing a dog’s natural instincts of living - albeit temporarily - as a member of a pack.
With a host of celebrity fans including Elle MacPherson, Barry has created a high energy work out for athletic dogs that’s in line with their body’s full and natural capacity, helping them to attain optimal fitness but also live with complete psychological fulfilment.

Barry carries out daily off-the-lead pack runs in Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Running sessions are held Monday to Saturday and last for one hour, covering 6-8km cross country. (The pick-up/drop off time is not part of this hour)
Pick-up/drop off is in custom-built vans with air con and on-board water facilities.
All potential newcomers to the running team will be given a trial day to check their socialisation levels, fitness levels (which will determine which pack they join) and, of course, to familiarise them with Barry - their pack leader and trainer.

A one hour pack run starts from £30.

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