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DogVillas will provide everything you need for complete peace of mind. Stimulation, care, exercise and love. Whether it’s a daily walk you are looking for while you are out at work or a stay while you are away for the weekend or on holiday. Before they take on your pet they make sure to discuss all your requirements so they can customise a routine which you and your pet will be happy with.


DogVillas can walk your pooch on a regular basis for 40 minutes to 1 hour.  They never walk more than 2 dogs at 1 time. 40 minutes would cost only £15.00 and special rates can be agreed for multiple pets.


-  A walk to the park, or any dog friendly open space.

-  Gentle or energetic exercise depending on your dog’s needs.

-  Socialising with other dogs if appropriate.

-  Feeding and topping up water.

-  Dogs can be walked alone or with other dogs.

They are also able to offer a pet taxi service, this can help when vet appointments are needed to be followed up by cannot fit in with your bust schedule. Give them all the relevant information and they can deal with it on your behalf.


Pet sitting can take place in either your own home or in one of their sitters homes. The length of time is specific to your requirements. Whether you need them for a day, an evening, an overnight business trip or a longer period such as holidays. They are happy to fit this in around your needs.

When sitting takes place in one of their homes your pet will be treated exactly like one of our own. You can choose whether to have your pet stay in a home with the companionship of another dog or a home with no other pets at all. As well as their regular toilet walks throughout the day, all dogs are taken for at least two one hour walks in one of the many local green areas such as Highgate Woods, Queens Wood and Victoria Park.

DogVillas home sitting means that you can go away from home, safe in the knowledge that your home is secure and your pets safe and sound, having been exercised, fed, watered and given all the love and attention that they receive from you. They do not charge individually per pet when sitting takes place in your own home, which makes this service much more economical than using costly boarding kennels. This means that all of your pets can be kept in the comfort
and security of their own home, as well as receiving that personal touch. This service would be ideal for pets, particularly cats, who may become anxious when taken out of their own surroundings, however if your pet is happy to travel, they are able to offer a Pick-up and Drop Off Service, within a 5 mile radius, at a cost of £3.50 each way.

All sitters are fully insured and have had CRB checks , so you can be assured your beloved pooch is in safe hands. It is also DogVillas policy your pet will NOT be left unattended for a period exceeding 2 hours. 


In your home this costs £15.00 per hour.

Away from home this costs £27.00 per 24 hours day/night.


Situated just off Hackney Road between London fields and Victoria Park DogVillas is great for a day crèche service. They intend to have open evenings so you can come along and meet the staff and see how days are spent together.

Day care is structured by size and play style in both indoor and outdoor areas.  All dogs are encouraged to show good dog behaviour at all times, day care should be more than just a housing facility. They structure their day much like a Children’s nursery by rewarding positive behaviour, using short teaching sessions to keep them thinking and daily lessons in good dog manners.

The ratio follows a timetable of supervised group play – 30 minute one to one walk in St Johns Park – group basic command training, led by two obedience trainers David and Lola – lunch for Dogs who eat. Rest time either in cages or bedding area – toilet break 15 mins – group play, one of the play sessions will include either outdoor fun agility or sand play. They have two sand pits where the dogs are allowed to dig and hunt around for the congs we have buried in the morning. They do a lot of scent games, it encourages them to work. This is followed by afternoon rest. All groups are now encouraged to calm down/sleep before final walk and loading.

The routine is changed every four weeks.

Day care creche – £6.50 per hour

After 3 hours the price is capped at £20 per day

Opening hours – 8.30am until 6.30pm


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