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Doggie Pause Services

At Doggie Pause we have plenty to offer in terms of services for your pet. We walk the walk and talk the talk, and we do it all in weathers. Come rain or shine you can rely on Doggie Pause pet services to keep your dog happy and healthy.


This service allows us to cater for you and your dog’s every need. This service is free of charge and normally takes no more than 20-30mins.

“How’d you do?” The consultation is a service that gives you and your dog(s) a chance to see what you make of us, ensuring you are both happy that we as a company are what you are looking for. It also in reflection, gives us as canine carers the oportunity to get to know you and your wet nosed companion.

Though the consultation is a quick service, it is vital as this is the time when friendships are made with your dog and ourselves. Its a chance to take down all the vital information about your pooch and for you to read our terms and conditions, understanding our policies and deciding whether we are what you are looking for. We require all Terms and Conditions form to be signed before any care or service is given. If all parties are happy then this is the start of a great friendship for us, and we hope your dog aswell.

Dog Walking

This service consists of a walk lasting for a minimum of 45 mins. We can offer this service on a daily, weekly or ad-hoc basis.

All walks are comprised of a group of no more than four dogs. This group would have been socialised and introduced prior to their initial walk as a pack. All walks last up to hour but can be longer if time allows. A free drop off and pick up is offered within the fixed price. (All prices can be found on our Prices page.)

Walking is an extremly important part of a dogs life, and this was the main reason Doggie Pause was started. It is all too common for   a dog to suffer from a lack of exercise, this can be easliy resolved with a simple walk. When your canine companion is not walked it  can have a detriment effect on both his/her mental and physical well being. A common result from lack of exercise is behavioural issues, but can also expand into social difficulties and health problems. At  Doggie Pause we cannot stress the importance of a walk for your dog and we are happy that we can offer the opportunity to resolve this simple issue.

Dog Day Care

This service is composed of a minimum of three walks a day, lasting no less than 45mins, two regular feeds, intimitant rests at our Doggie Pause office and all round care and attention, with extra love and affection. 

Perhaps our most premium service, the doggie day care option allows your puppy or dog to be cared for for the full working day (max of eight hours), ensuring all their needs are met, whether that be in the form of a consistent human company, regular daily walking, replicated feeds on times similar to regular home feeding times, and most importantly of all, it allows your pup or dog the chance to socialise with all the dogs cared and walked here at Doggie Pause.

Dog Feeding

With the feeding service, you get peace of mind your dog has had all his or her meals for the day. This service is a 25 minute visit, costing only £18.

Running late. Worried about getting back to feed your dog, no worries. Give us a call and we can go in and feed your furry companion for you.

This is a popular service as it ensures that your pooch has been watered, fed and cared for whilst you are away. We will however need some form of access to the house, so if you haven’t entrusted us with a key, why not give us a call so we can discuss how you would like us to help. This service is great, due to its flexibility and ease.  We are proud to say that all our members of staff have been CRB checked, ensuring reliability and trust.


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