Doggies in Wonderland

Sheffield, S10 1GB

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A complete service for you and your dog.

Doggies in Wonderland is a Sheffield based (S6) Dog walking company catering for all of your dogs needs.

'We understand after having 5...yes.. 5 dogs ( all at the same time might we add!) of all different breeds that each dog has their own personality and certain requirements with their routine. We have managed difficult dogs as well as very active dogs and we will create a schedule for your dogs needs on our fee-free, shake of the paw service!'

Boasting a bulging little black book, filled with contacts from the doggie world, such as "groomers" and "Raw Meat feeding", Doggies in Wonderland can assist you with or answer any questions you may have.

Doggies in Wonderland offer a 'First walk for FREE' promise as part of their service, and will monitor behaviours such as aggression, nervousness, and ability to socialise with other dogs.

Doggies in Wonderland make it their mission to ensure your dog likes and trusts them.

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