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Welcome toElmtree Luxury Pet Hotel: a modern and very unique concept in animal boarding. Elmtree provides luxury pet boarding for dogs, cats and small animals. Their facilities have been created to offer unrivalled comfort and the highest possible standards of animal care. Situated in Hilly Fields Country Park, Enfield they are considered one of the most prestigious pet hotels in the UK. It certainly deserves the name luxury pet hotel with beautiful grounds, suites and leisure facilities such as a gym and grooming spa.


At Elmtree they provide luxury pet boarding for dogs, cats and small animals. The facilities have been created to offer unrivalled comfort and the highest possible standards of animal care. When you book your pet into Elmtree you can be confident they are going to have a wooftastic holiday too!


-  Luxury Grooming Parlour & Spa

Online Pet Watch (Webcam Kennel)

Chauffeur Collection and Delivery Service

Fully Equipped Indoor Gym

Woodland/Forest Walks

Separate Leisure and Sleeping Areas

All Under Floor Heated - Temperature controlled (warm in the winter and cool in the summer)

-  Staff on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Based in Theobalds Park Estate on the boarders of Enfield, London & Broxbourne, Hertfordshire the day care centre has been created to offer canine friends the best day care experience ever. Each guest will have their own private room with doggie TV, luxury beds and furnishing. Every room is also equipped with a built in webcam so you keep a close eye on you dog whilst they are in our care. Your pet will enjoy our facilities at Elmtree Canine Country Club which include a 4 acre fully enclosed woodland, splash pools, an outdoor agility arena, enclosed grass paddocks and much more.

Each guest’s day will be tailored to suit their individual needs, from the quieter dog that prefers to relax in the comfort of their room to the high energy dog that prefers to be out playing with his friends and doing activities.


Extra daily activities will include a "Dash N Splash" swimming pool, a visit to our GROOMING PARLOUR & SPA or even dog sports and TRAINING in the indoor training centre.

There is even PUPPY TRAINING

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I was in tears!!!

I am that kind of woman who regards her dog as a baby. My dog is Chanel. Chanel is a beautiful white Maltese terrier. On Friday 3 July 2015 Chanel went to the Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel while I went on my Summer holiday. Chanel had been there a few times before. I had researched reviews on the internet and comments on Elmtree were positive. Its website looked lovely. I inspected Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel before making the booking for her first stay. On Wednesday 8 July 2015 Chanel had to be taken to the Vets she had sore eyes and they seem to be itching her. The Vet advised that Chanel had a long term illness with her eye that would require eye drops for life. The Vet prescribed eye lubricant and steriod eye drops. The long term eye drops would need discussed with the owner. Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel decided not contact me the owner and just to wait. For 13 days from Thursday 9 July 2015 till Wednesday 22 July 2015 the Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel kennel report says that Chanel’s eyes were responding well to treatment but are still uncomfortable for her. This is two weeks of not seeing a Vet and having irritable eyes. What would you feel if you had been left for two weeks with a sore eye including the middle of the night pain? I could not cope for one hour! On Tuesday 14 July 2015 I contacted Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel to ask how Chanel is. Is she eating well, is she okay and well. Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel responded on Wednesday 15 July 2015 that they had spoken to the staff and they have said that Chanel is doing just fine. This is at a time when her eye was uncomfortable for her. BUT Elmtree said in their letter to me that it is the policy of Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel not to contact clients or worry them on their holiday! On the afternoon of Thursday 23 July 2015 the right eye of Chanel looked so sore that the kennel thought she may need to go back to the Vet on the morning of 24 July Friday 2015. It was that urgent it was the next day. On Friday 24 July 2015 Chanel was taken to the Vet as she was not comfortable and her eye was causing her problems. Chanel had been scratching and rubbing her eye and the eye was sore. The Vet decided that this was sufficiently serious that Chanel had to stay at the Vet over the weekend and she was fitted with a buster collar. Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel did NOT contact me to tell me that Chanel was sufficiently ill that the Vet was keeping her for treatment. On afternoon of Monday 27 July 2015 I called Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel to arrange payment of kennel fees and collection of Chanel on Tuesday 28 July 2015. THEN the Manager tells me that Chanel has eye ulcers and is being kept at the Vet! Cost of the final weekend treatment by the Vet was £788.74. This level of vet’s fees over a 3 day period would indicate a serious treatment programme but it is the policy of Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel not to notify owners as it might worry them on holiday. Departure date 28 July 2015. Boarding fee £780 Vet’s fees £917.15 Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel had both my mobile phone number and my email address and mobile phone contact details for my friend who was in London. Why did the kennel not contact me when they initially took Chanel to the vet for eye treatment. The Manager wrote to me and said that it is generally the policy of Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel not to disturb owners whilst they are on holiday if the problem can be dealt with without disturbing the owner. He wrote that if there was anything that required the kennel to contact an owner immediately then they would not hesitate to do so. Should any animal require treatment, the management of Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel reserve the right to call a vetinary surgeon and act upon his advice. Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel wrote to me afterwards and said it would never want any of the clients to worry unnecessarily whilst on holiday. BUT I was told by receptionist Jackie on 15 July Wednesday that Chanel was doing fine, eating well and playing with her friends. They said that there was never any reason to worry me about anything . The kennel said that they noticed her eye troubles very quickly and responded to it immediately. The manager kept a very close check on Chanel. BUT never told me. One week after leaving Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel Chanel had her eye operation and is now BLIND in her right eye. But do not worry as it is Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel policy not to unnecessarily worry clients whilst they are on holiday. If I were you and love your dog as much as I do I would NEVER EVER again leave Chanel in this ‘luxury’ place. My poor dog and I went through horrible experience and I cannot describe in words how upset and tearful I was during this time.