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Searching for a caring local Pet Sitter happy to visit your pet at home or in the comfort and safety of their own?

Furballs Of Leicester prides itself on offering precisely that in and around the Leicester area. With a pet focused attitude and 100% professionalism you needn't worry about leaving your pet home alone ever again.

Furballs Of Leicester provide a Pet Boarding service to all family pets in their home or alternatively in the comfort of your own home - whatever suits the needs of you and your pet best. This approach is ideal for pets who enjoy the comfort and familiarity of their own home and perhaps get distressed when they are faced with new faces, surroundings and situations.

They also provide 'Comfort Visits' for humans who have to be away from home longer than they want to be or are on holiday and Dog Walks to a 5 mile radius of LE3.

Furballs Of Leicester January offer is your first trial walk (25 mins) completely free of charge - a great way for you and your pet to decide if Furballs Of Leicester is for you or not.


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Excellent service

Love the attention Gizmo receives from Annalise. Top service at very good rates



Trusted service. Will continue to use


Holiday Boarding

DO NOT USE it may cost you more than you think. Completely untrustworthy. Let down by this ‘Business’, poor (i.e. NO) Service. On the day of my flight my dog was not picked up as agreed. Annalise callously ignored my phonecalls, countless text messages, emails & facebook messages and almost cost us our holiday. Over a week later and still no reply, no apology or even any sort of acknowledgement. Further, details of Max (the Shih tzu westie cross) dated 11/03/2014 have been deleted from the Furballs Facebook. The owner of this business should be ashamed of themselves. One star is too much to give this shambolic joke of a ‘business’.


Not a good way to treat a potential customer

Website gave impression of caring home boarding so made arrangement to meet. I was requested to come on Saturday (Sunday not convenient). As my dog was going for grooming at 9 on Saturday I replied that I would come whilst she was having this done. Got no reply so assumed this was ok. Turned up at 9:15: rang bell a few times but no answer. I then went back to car for 10 minutes then tried again and as I heard dogs barking also knocked on door. Still no answer so rang the numbr, got answer machine instructing to text mobile number. This I did. The response I got back was telling me that I had woken her daughter who then woke her. Saturday was their "lazy day" and after midday would be more convenient. I am shocked that a person with dogs and responsibility for other dogs us not up by 9am. Affer I said I had replied she said her phone hadn't received the email. "No ones fault x". I didn't like the way I was made to feel by waking her up at 9:15 in the morning and I will not be sending my dog to someone who is not up at a reasonable time to care for my dog and have found somewhere else.


County Court Order against her, for Breaching Blaby Dog Licence Regulations

This woman has a County Court Judgement against her, (this can be easily checked in the public records against a simple google search) for breaching Blaby County Council Dog Licence regulations and invalidating her dog insurance putting an owners pets life at risk. Inbox me if you want to seethe Court Order. She was supposed to be looking after my dog, and the other dogs in her care, yet she was leaving them alone to do the other jobs, OCD cleaning, ironing, hair extentions, pet visits and dog walking at your home, Paw-fect weddings, and painting!!!! I paid a £1000.00 to her, for her to just leave my dog outside in her garden, in all weathers. have reported her to Trading standards for mis leading and false advertising and failing to provide a refund of £699.00!! First she has blocked me on Facebook, to silence me. She closed her Furballs Facebook page and finally closed her Furballs of Leicester & Pawfect Weddings main account, in order to silence me. Her excisti g customers haveno idea shedoesnt have a licence or indeed insurance. They need to know the truth. She recently deleated the Yell Reviews for Furballs due to so many negative reviews. She now has started a painting firm pretending to be "Mary-Ann" , other names are Annalise Love, Annalise Valentine, Lisey Love and so on. Her new painting firm is called "Mary -Anns lick of paint", she blocked me from there too, after i exposed her deceitful conduct, and non payment of money owed to customers. Annalise uses fake testomonials and will not allow any negative comments to be shown, she deleats them. Disgraceful behaviour, She is not open and honest, and takes money for services she is not qualified to do. If you google her land line number it shows all her "business ventures"!