Holmleigh Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Leicester, LE9 1RH

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cold and unfriendly didn't want our business

have just rung Holmleigh kennels with a view to boarding our lurcher whilst we went to Armourgeddon tank driving for a day So here's the story. We are very experienced dog owners with over 32 years under our belts. Our dogs are more than used to kennels as they have to stay in one every month for 1 week whilst we work abroad We initially intended to visit the tank driving experience without our dogs but having lost our border collie just 2 days ago we were devastated and felt we wanted to take the other dog with us for comfort We rang Wharfedale kennels first and spoke to Kim who was really lovely. She explained that their opening hours precluded doggy day care whilst we were tank driving. She was more than happy to take her in for one night though. Now please understand the problem wasn't paying for a night instead of a day care. Usually doggy day care when we have used it was about £15. The only reason to use day care isn't to keep the price low. Its to make sure our dogs spend as little time in kennels and as much time with us as possible. I thanked her and said we would consider it if we couldn't find another facility. Next I rang the Holmleigh as Kim from Wharfedale reccomended. I was greeted entirely differently here. The attitude seemed to be, What , you want to leave your dog at a kennels. Such a strange concept! I explained I was willing to pay overnight but still wanted to pick her up the same day. This is an arrangement we commonly have with our own kennel in Blackpool. Its not worth it she claimed , we have to clean the kennels! Well, big surprise there. I patiently explained that it was irrelevant as long as we paid overnight, wether we actually left her in overnight or not. Surely? or am I going mad. Brief silence. Anyway our hours wouldn't suit you she said. Hmm I'm getting a little annoyed now as I hadn't said what our hours were. We close at 4.30 she said triumphantly. Thats fine I patiently explain we'll be back by Four Another brief silence , during which I reiterate we will still pay for the night. Sulkily she said " we don't charge by night just by day. MOST people bring their dogs in the morning before and pick them up the next afternoon. Minimum 2 days" . Hmm sounds overnight to me but fine how much is that? "Depends on your dog size". " "Ok" I say , "shes a lurcher. The ninny on the other side of the phone gives a smug little laugh " Huh that could be any size!! " Yes well being the 3rd lurcher in our lives we were aware of that. But give me chance. "About a border collie size" I finally mangage to finish. " £24.50!" Triumph . Ok fine so finally we see its 2 days minimum, but I 've never ever heard of a kennel with a 2 day minimum but there you have it she does. Oh and she cries , you need kennel cough vaccine Kim at Wharfedale had told us this very nicely. And of course we were aware as our dogs are used to bording. But the way she said it I felt like responding " Gosh No really? Glad you told us. After 32 years of caring for dogs we now feel so educated". Finally I ask if there was anyone she could reccomend for 1 night. Misguided though it was, Kim at Wharfedale had been nice enough to reccomend her but Holmleigh. No chance! You'll just have to ring around. Well I'd tried that but after this cold shoulder from Dog unfriendly Holmleigh I didn't feel up to it. Especially after the fragility I was feeling emotionally after our loss. Good luck to any pet owner choosing to use The Holmleigh kennels at Lutterworth