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Constantly snapping your pet from every angle possible in an attempt to capture their adorable personality and share it with the world? We hear you, us too! Well things just got a whole lot easier!

Little & Large offer a different kind of photography studio: one that offers fine-art portrait and documentary-style photography exclusively for you and your pets.

Founded by internationally-acclaimed American pet photographer and author J.Nichole Smith, the goal of Little & Large is to celebrate the beauty (and humour) that exists within the life we share with the animals we love.

With over a decade of experience photographing pets professionally, Nichole's unique brand of highly emotive photography is now available both in-studio and on-location - in London and beyond.

Visit the web site or facebook page for more information, glowing reviews from existing clients and your daily fill of irresistible photos of canines, felines and the occasional equine.

This is a photographer, pet service and brand with oodles of personality and a really lovely background. Above all, Little & Large is brimming with a love and appreciation for pets - who better to capture that special bond between you and your pet than someone who has one themselves. It takes one to know one after all.

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