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Kendra Torgan AKA Mrs Bones has been walking dogs professionally for over five years. Her philosophy is quality instead of quantity, and as a small operation she can give proper care, attention and guidance to each animal. When working with a new client, Mrs Bones uses her interpersonal and pet behavioural skills to determine the best course of action for the benefit of both pet and owner. 
The areas Mrs Bones services in are Willesden, Maida Hill, Kensal Rise, Notting Hill, Hampstead, Ladbrook Grove, St.Johns Wood and the lovely Queens Park. 

Fitting in with Mrs Bones’ established walking group is a must.As well as having a main pack – she also splits low energy and high energy dogs for separate walks to ensure each canine has an enjoyable walk. She can also tailor a walk if your dog has medical conditions or needs to stay "city clean”. Mrs Bones focuses on positive enforcement, non-physical or dominant punishment, reward and praise by using an ingrained pack behaviour. By waking this instinct up in your dog, s/he will remember and learn through positive examples from her/his peers.
Fully insured - she has a well-equipped van to transport the dogs in and is capable of walking up to 6-10 dogs at a time. If she has this many dogs she will only walk them off road and in the woods – never in the park. Warning: they will come back dirty, tired and extremely happy! She is happy to groom them afterwards if you wish for a small fee but will always try her hardest to bring them back clean-ish. Providing towels or a dog coat would be a great help! 
If Mrs Bones is walking anywhere in Brent or in the Royal Parks, she will take up to 4 dogs only - two on lead and two off lead. 

Walks = £15.00 for 1.5hrs plus. 
Off lead pack walk, usually in the morning along the Brent reservoir, Hampstead Heath, Wormwood Scrubs, Barn Hill, Chiswick, etc.  

Day care = £25.00 for 5hrs plus x 2 walks.
For busy days we can look after your dog after the mornings walk.

Training = £45.00 per session.
One on one in your home, personalised training for improved dog behaviour to transform your dog and your life. Why settle for just a dog – let’s build a legend!

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