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My Dog's Tale is based in South Kensington and offers day care and dog walking. The dogs get a lot of exercise and play time, and all dogs are grouped with like minded according to energy level, age and temperament. There will not be more than four in a group. 

Day Care 

I will collect your dogs from your home in the morning and take them on all kind of adventures in any weather. They will spend the day with their group outdoors in the nature, sniffing, running off lead, socializing, and doing everything that dogs love to do. Your dog will be having a great time and when they get home in the afternoon they should be ready to settle down for a long nap. 

Dog Walking 

I will make the walks fun and interesting for your dogs, stimulating their minds and physically tiring them. The walk will be one hour of actual play time. 

Best Regards, 

Emilie, My Dog's Tale 

Tel: 0795 1639562 

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