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Nanny 4 Pets are a Professional Pet Sitting Service and dog walking, and pet care services providing you with the very best in pet care within Greater London when you need it. They hope to provide you with a service that is very personal, tailored specifically to what you need and based in your area.


Whether you are at work, don’t have the time for daily dog walking or your dog just has too much energy, you need not feel guilty Nanny 4 Pets is the service you need.

They make sure to create an atmosphere where all of their canine charges are relaxed and happy and getting the most out of their walks. Keep updated during the day by following them on Twitter, where they put photos and messages about the walks.

They collect the dog from location chosen by you, we take her/him for at least one hour long walk in the park, full of playing, cuddles and heaps of fun and exercise, and then deliver back. They understand each dog is different, so they treat them individually and the walks are designed to accommodate dogs’ needs. Dogs are also never walked in large groups ensuring loads of attention to your four-legged friend. Dogs can be walked on or off the lead depending on requirements.


At Nanny 4 Pets provide Doggy Day Care means that your dog is socialised with other dogs, given a fun and action packed day and also offered the opportunity to relax and sleep.


Your pet will be transported in a van, fully fitted with secure cages, ensuring maximum safety throughout the journey. They provide a pet taxi service where they can help you with home relocation, take your pet to and from the vet, cattery, kennels, grooming. The cost of this service will be advised on request as is dependent on the length and time of the journey required for your pet taxi.


Nanny 4 Pets provide, pet boarding, care and attention for dogs and cats when you are on holiday, away for the weekend or just out for the day. They also offer cat and dog sitting services, home visits and small animal boarding.

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