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Since 2003, we have been providing a professional and reliable service for those who have a busy and demanding lifestyle. Whether you want to use our services for just an occasional walk or on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, we are a company that will endeavour to accommodate your needs.

Why use us?

We are professional, experienced and insured. We ensure our dogs happiness and safety is our number one priority. We have an excellent reputation and are recommended by vets, associations and pet shops alike.

Warning. There are many illegal dog walkers who claim to undercut us whilst providing the same service, this is rarely true. Protect your dog from becoming lost, stolen or badly treated please check references and credentials first before hiring a dog walker (a good way of checking is by asking to see a dog walking licence which is needed to walk dogs in many parks including Battersea Park, all professional dog walkers should have this licence).

Who we are...

Growing up on the family farm in Lincolnshire has provided Sarah with a wealth of experience in handling and understanding both working and domestic dogs. Throughout her life she has lived, owned and worked with many animals in many different capacities including:- sledding with Huskies in the Alps, training as a Mahout (elephant handler) and working with elephant landmine victims in Northern Thailand, volunteer work in the Galapagos Islands, swimming with sharks and dolphins in Australia and hiking with dogs throughout England. After working as Director of Events for the Earls Court and Olympia group for over 9 years Sarah has combined the business skills and love of animals to create a high quality, organised and professional service.

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