Sniffles Dog Grooming Spa

Hampstead, NW3 2QS

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This family run dog business is a great place to take Fido to be spoilt. It started when Donika, a trained accountant, went into the shop to help her sister, the spa's receptionist, do the company bookkeeping. She only spent a day in there, but knew that this was what she wanted to do for a living. And when the kids met some of the four-pawed guests, the whole family was hooked. So after that they started Sniffles.

Sniffles have amazing dog groomers, who have experience with every dog breed and style of cut. Open from Monday to Saturday 10am - 6pm.


At Sniffles Dog Grooming Spa, they believe a well-socialised dog is a happy dog. So they don’t just offer a dog walking service on Hampstead Heath, they like to create a friendship group – or pack, if you will – where your pet can get to know other dogs when they’re exercising. They work around your schedule, pick up your dog from your home, drop them off and make sure they’re clean and dry when you get them back – even after a muddy romp on the Heath. They will even feed your dog, if you would like them to.


• 2-5 dog walks per week from only £12.50

• Ad hoc basis dog walks from only £17.50


The catchment area for pick-up and drop-off covers NW1, NW3, NW5, NW8, NW11 and N2.


At Sniffles Dog Grooming Spa our expert dog groomers will do everything they can to make the grooming experience easy and relaxing for your dog. Skilled in all dog breeds, they will work to your specifications. If you’re unsure what you want, they’ll discuss styles with you, so you won’t be surprised by the final furcut. They use all natural products for dog washing and grooming, as the wellbeing of your dog and their skin condition is just as important as how they look.

Dog grooming prices may vary based on your pet.


At Sniffles Dog Grooming Spa they look after your pet for you in a supervised and safe environment in their double-gated, designated dog day care area.

Your dog can play with toys made from 100% natural biodegradable materials or relax in a bed made from non-harmful, eco-friendly materials, so they will be fine, even if they have a little chew. And if your dog needs feeding, they’ll get the best: we only serve Lily’s Kitchen natural, organic dog food.


You can arrange dog day care from 10am until 6pm Monday to Saturday
• Half day = 4 hours: £10
• Between 4-6 hours: £15
• Full day = 8 hours: £20
Pre-pay for 7 days and get one day free

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