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What sets Tails2snails apart from the competition? They're in it for life.

Tails2snails is owned and operated by Charlean and Ben - a friendly, pet loving couple offering a dog walking and pet sitting service.

To best appreciate Tails2snails we think you should know a little bit more about them...

Tails2snails came about when this globe-trotting couple decided to settle down and dedicate their lives to their dream job...the one thing that they were both passionate about and wanted to do more than anything else. They concluded that looking-after and caring for animals was their dream job and then they set about making it work. Tails2snails wasn't the by-product of anything else and it wasn't something they just ended up doing - it was the choice of two very dedicated individuals, and it really shows. 

Services include: Individual dog walking and group walking; Home visits for everything and anything, including puppy toilet breaks, feeding, med's administration, looking after your pet when you go on holiday - they are even happy to open and close your curtains so your home appears occupied; Pet taxi (this can be to and from the groomers or vets and they can also wait with your pet and bring them home).

Tails2snails offer a free consultation and will happily discuss any of your pet-related enquiries, so don't be put off if it's not mentioned in the above!

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