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London, W11 2SB

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Verve Pets London is a glossy pet boutique, grooming parlour, pet hotel and walking service all rolled in to one glamorous setting. Relax with a speciality tea or coffee while your pet is primped and polished to perfection, or have a browse of their deluxe range of beds, bowls, collars and leads. Verve strive to offer the best care in a comfortable, playful environment which is fun and entertaining for your pets leaving them happy, contented and relaxed. Their aim is to create a home away from home, including dog training exercise to stimulate your pooch physically and mentally.

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unpleasant experience

I had a very unpleasant experience yesterday with Andre Carless in Hyde Park. I had just finished a run when a man passed me with several dogs he was clearly struggling to manage, including what looked like a huge Leonberger. One of the large dogs, a Weimaraner, fouled the path in front of me, the man scolded the dog but continued walking. After observing him walk a further 50 meters or so I called after him saying he need to pick up the dogs mess. He responded in a very hostile tone saying it had nothing to do with me. I said it did as my toddler steps in dogs’ mess or gets it on her scooter every week. A park keeper arrived and I walked over to see if he might have any more influence but he said he could do nothing. Carless then shouted back “If you have something to say, you should say it to me you f**ker”. I simply asked again if he intended to clean up the dog’s mess. At that point Carless launched into a tirade of abuse – “You f**king people [??] always poke your noses into other peoples’ business… its not your business where my dogs shit”… At one point he said “You don’t know who I am or what I do so you should keep your f**king mouth shut”. I replied “Yes I do, you own the Pet Boutique and Café on Westbourne Grove, and you clearly seem to be struggling managing so many dogs” Carless became more and more aggressive. A small crown had gathered and most appeared shocked by his tirade. I for one would not entrust the care of my pet to someone with evident and quite extreme anger issues.
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