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Based in Surrey and covering an area of 50 acres – Wey Farm really is luxury boarding for your cat or dog! Since 1977 Wey Farm has offered the beautiful rolling countryside as a haven for your pet whilst you are away. The Cattery is centrally heated in their individual pens with heated beds and the Kennels offer everything required such as diet requirements, grooming from a show groomer and also offers a collection service. Moving away or returning home? No problem - Wey Farm can even organise Pet Travel to and from the UK!

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we went to see the luxury place last march before boarding our mastiff.the guy showing us around had no regard for the obvious stress os the animals inside and showed not a bit of warmth towards any of them. there was no bedding in any kennel either,considering it was still winter and the pens were muddy and the huts dirty.at the end of the good 20 minute talk and tour,he picked one of the dogs for whom the owner had been waiting anxiously outside...we gave it a bit of credit thinking maybe cleaning was in progress and they were busy and went ahead and booked our mastiff. when we got the dog there,they did not have record of us having paid the booking fee of £30,they did not ask us for the vaccination card that was in the car and we forgot to produce,and we were shocked to discover that the dogs do not get exercised at all unless you pay someone apart.they have a pen and that is it.we were given some private numbers to call and arrange it but it was a bit late.they allowed us to leave our dog's mattress i took as a precaution(they don't allow personal toys or bedding for hygiene reasons, they say). when we got to pick the dog back he had fresh and crusty blood on his nose,his mattress cover was muddy brown(the guy even had the cheek of telling us it had been lying outside so our beloved dog had been sleeping on a wet bed)and they acknowledge they had not washed it once.we also brought his own food,ORIJEN,with the dosage well specified.up on collection,we were told the dog had not eaten much.yet,the sac was three quarters empty when it should have been less than one third empty. heating gets paid apart and is at the kennels discretion.we were not charged a penny.no heating for our boy in the winter. finally,and with our dog in the car and ready to get home,my husband got off to ask if they still needed the medical record card of the dog,and they say yes,absolutely......... ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING.do not take your precious dog there.and mind the suspension in the car.the private road until the kennels is the worst i've ever seen,that is my word.