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What does your idea of a perfect day consist of? Me-time is one thing for us humans but, where your beloved and obstinately independent feline friend is concerned, they have certain needs that require opposable thumbs, a height advantage, etc – whether they like it or not.

Yes most cats will happily while away the day with a series of naps, a sneaky scratch where they shouldn’t, and a lick wash, but for everything else there’s Your Purrfect Day. Your Purrfect Day is run by Aneta Cierpiol, a cat person who is only too happy to help.

Whether you’re off to work or going away on holiday Your Purrfect Day will take care of all your cat’s needs whilst your gone, as well as helping them to adjust to a quieter, you-free home until you get back.

Your Purrfect Day can visit your home once or twice a day to change cat litter, feed, cuddle and play with your cat/cats.

If your cat is not the sociable sort or is anxious around new people then Your Purrfect Day will work around this and take extra care not to disturb or upset them during visits.

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