Why should you list your business online? The benefits are endless. There is a huge move in the favour of browsing businesses and booking services online, meaning that to remain relevant to new and existing customers, businesses need to make the move to online promotion. Luckily, this daunting process is super simple with PetsPyjamas, who will take care of your online presence for you. Here are 10 benefits of promoting your business online with PetsPyjamas:


  1.  We are the only site that does booking, promotion, and reviews all in one place, and the only site that works only with insured and accredited businesses. PetsPyjamas is the only website that features easy to use booking options and reviews for pet related businesses, both of which are essential in the customer’s decision to book. Plus, PetsPyjamas only works with insured and accredited pet professionals, meaning that when customers see you on our site, they immediately know that your business will provide a high quality of service. 

  3.  You’ll reach a huge audience through social media. Having your business featured on PetsPyjamas means that we are able to promote it on twitter or facebook. By using hashtags, people who are searching for pet professionals will easily come across tweets promoting your brand. For anyone who isn’t confident using facebook and twitter, PetsPyjamas is the perfect option, as we can do it all for you.

  5.  You’ll be featured on a stylish, professionally designed website. We can’t all be web designers, but the appearance of a site is a huge factor in a customer’s decision to click ‘book’. PetsPyjamas does all the hard work of site design for you. Once you sign up, your business will be featured on a slick, stylish site that future customers will love. 

  7.   Your business will get wonderful ‘word-of-mouth’ promotion in an easy to find place.Our customer review system means that potential customers can book services that they trust. Individuals who have used your business before will be able to rate your business out of 5 stars and write comments about the experience – lending a personal touch to your credibility. Plus, 7 out of 10 people who read reviews share them with friends and family, thus amplifying their impact even further.

  9.  You’ll get professionally written copy. When you sign up to be part of PetsPyjamas’ pet neighbourhood, your page will feature professionally written copy that works to showcase everything that’s fantastic about your business. 


  11.  Our site provides third party credibility to your business.Having reviews on a site that isn’t connected to your business lends credibility to the views customers express, meaning that new customers feel they can trust what they’re reading. PetsPyjamas will also monitor for offensive reviews and will quickly remove any that appear. 

  13.  Your business will be shown to your target audience, pet lovers.When featured on PetsPyjamas, your business is being shown to a great group of potential customers. PetsPyjamas customers truly adore their pets, so are interested in any business that will keep their pet healthy and happy. By being featured on PetsPyjamas as a pet professional, your business will reach an audience that you may never have connected with before. 

  15.  Reviews are essential to businesses. Our rating system is a fantastic tool to draw in more customers. Research says that 71% of customers agree that consumer reviews make them more comfortable that they are buying the right product, and that 63% of customers are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews. 

  17. Your business could be featured in one of our articles.PetsPyjamas also creates fantastic pet-related content that frequently focuses on pet professionals. Once part of the Pet Neighbourhood, your business could be featured in one of our articles that promotes your business as one of the best, such as a feature on the top 10 dog walkers in Chelsea. We then promote this feature on social media to reach a huge range of potential customers.

  19.   Customers love to book online.Having an easy to use online option makes customers more likely to choose your business. PetsPyjamas uses vouchers to promote whichever packages or deals your business chooses to offer. Customers will see a simple ‘buy now' button, giving them a voucher that they can then take directly to you. If in doubt customers can always call our Pet Concierge, making the entire booking process a breeze and reducing the amount of time you spend on the phone.