Featuring Pet Services on PetsPyjamas

What is the Pet Neighbourhood?

The Pet Neighbourhood matches pet owners with every service they could possibly need, showcasing all pet services - dog walkers, groomers, pet sitting, kennels and catteries,  small animal boarding to name a few.  Pet owners can browse the Pet Neighbourhood for any service they need in their area, easily finding the best service to suit their needs. Unlike other sites, everyone on the Pet Neighbourhood is a professional with qualifications and an established business. 


Why sign up?

Signing up to PetsPyjamas immediately increases your visibility online. PetsPyjamas’s stylish and well-designed site attracts over 150,000 unique views per month, showcasing your business to a whole new audience using advanced online marketing techniques. The typical PetsPyjamas customer has high standards, and is willing to spend to make sure their pet is kept happy, making them the perfect target audience for your pet-friendly business. Signing up to PetsPyjamas also means that your business will be featured on a professional site with great design and professionally written copy, all working to bring in customers. 


What you gain from signing up:

When visiting PetsPyjamas, potential customers can search by location to find the ideal service, bringing you local business. Customers can then quickly and easily book online, and once booked, you will be able to view the customer’s PetsPyjamas profile to learn more about them and target your service to a specific customer. In exchange for offering PetsPyjamas customers special exclusives and deals, PetsPyjamas will feature your service on the home page, including your business in features and advertorials to allow your brand to reach a large audience. 


How does PetsPyjamas make money?

Unlike many other sites, businesses do not have to pay to appear on PetsPyjamas. Instead, PetsPyjamas takes a small commission in exchange for the marketing, copywriting, and promotion services that we provide when you sign up for our site. Essentially, this means that PetsPyjamas only makes money if you do. If your business doesn’t receive any bookings, you still get a beautiful profile, great third party  reviews, and advertising for no cost. 


Interested? Sign Up Here https://www.petspyjamas.com/pet-neighbourhood/add/