After 3.5 years at PetsPyjamas I have decided to seek new adventures. I have truly enjoyed working with you, partners such as yourself have been instrumental in making PetsPyjamas what it is today.

We appreciate that we’re coming into the biggest trading part of the year and our dedicated team will be here to help, many of whom you've worked with before, they can be contacted at:


Thanks again, and it has been a pleasure working with you.


Unless you have done this already, please send us as soon as possible a list of the Christmas products you’d like to feature with us.

As always, for each item, we will need high resolution images and the spreadsheetdownloadablehere  to be completed and sent back.

Going away for Christmas? Don't forget toSchedule a Closure and insert theLast Date when customer can place orders to be received in time for Christmas.


Introducing Georgia

We are now opening up our site to partners and we will be looking to work selectively with a few companies. With this in mind, I would like to introduce you to Georgia Riley, our Media Sales Manager.

She would be really interested in talking to you about partnerships with some level of exclusivity where there could be editorial & advertorial across sites.  She would be prepared to develop a specific section within our site to be sponsored by a partner with both editorial & product links.

Georgia will be contacting you in the near future to discuss these opportunities and she can also be reached on  or 0845 154 0136.


PetsPyjamas offers a self-invoicing service for all its suppliers. If you would like your PetsPyjamas invoices created and emailed to you, simply visit theInvoicing page on your CMS and select your desired frequency. You will receive your invoices by email, but they will also be available to download. Once revised, please send your invoices to:

If you notice any discrepancy with your pricing, please notify us immediately at

VAT:It is really importantthat we have the correct information about your VAT status so that invoices can be issued correctly. You can edit this information and also check your trading and return address here:


Stock Availability

Please ensure that PetsPyjamas is constantly aware of stock availability by updating the CMS under theProduct Section in the availability column or by contacting us via email


Refunds can be made by you accessing the supplier’s interface or by contacting us with the order number specifying the products that need to be refunded.

How to process a refund: Log into your suppliers interface and enter the supplier order number (5 digits) in theorder search functionality. This will bring up the order and you can then proceed refunding the specific product.

Once you make a refund through the CMS, unless you are already using PetsPyjamasauto-invoicing system you must inform our accounts department by issuing a credit note for the amount refunded and sending it to:

Flash Sales

Flash sales are the perfect avenue to showcase and shift some end lines and create space for your new arrivals. We are working on an exciting plan to share with you and we will be contacting you shortly on how to get involved.