“I had a fabulous break with PetsPyjamas – who would have guessed Le Manoir was dog friendly? We had a beautiful private garden room, wonderful food and the fabulous goodie box and bed for the most important guest.”


"There is no doubting we are a nation of animal lovers, which is a wonderful thing to see. Our pets are often like members of the family, so it makes sense they would be cared for as such, given treats and included in all elements of life, including holidays. With everyone's leisure time increasingly cramped, it's great to see a company that recognises this by taking the hassle out of sourcing locations where pets are welcomed with open arms. Knowing where to be able to recommend certainly gives our readers an added way of ensuring their customers get the best possible service and experience on their travels. It's great to shine a light on those hotels who truly welcome pet-lovers and their four-legged friends while also ensuring great service and facilities are offered all-round to any guest."

“PetsPyjamas is an absolute dream come true when looking to book at a pet-friendly destination! They are exceptionally professional, and they handle every step of the booking process, acting as a concierge service between the guest – both human and dog alike – and their 600+ pet-friendly properties. My favourite part of booking through them is that upon arrival to your destination, a personalised pet box filled with goodies and treats awaits your furry friend, which my dog Tuna always loves and enjoys! So far, we've stayed at four of their pet-friendly recommendations and each property always exceeds my expectations...and Tuna's!”

“We love to rely on our friends at PetsPyjamas to help us plan our doggie weekends away. I just let them know what we are in the mood for, sea, rambling, lakes or relaxation and they always provide a bunch of train-accessible options.  We’ve been to the Scilly Isles, Dorset, the Cotswolds and to Camber Sands with PetsPyjamas – they take all of the worry out of how your pooch will be treated and only work with exceptional locations.”


“PetsPyjamas is such a great idea for people who travel with their pets. I love the breadth of choice in terms of hotels and am thrilled they're now doing cottages and country houses too.”