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  • FREE 24/7 Vet Line
    FREE 24/7 Vet Line
  • 5 Bedrooms
    5 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 10
    Sleeps 10
  • Bathrooms 5
    Bathrooms 5
  • One dog welcome
    One dog welcome
From £610.00 per night
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From £610 per night

Paws in France

01 Oct 2019 — 30 Jun 2020

This luxury package is perfect for pampered pooches!

Included in this Offer: 
- 7 night stay
- A spa pass for two
- Unlimited food for your dapper dog
- Doggie grooming session at Nonadog in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence
- Unlimited use of the Infrared sauna at Mas Prestige

Prices (Per Night):
- £695.00 (Winter Season)
- £875.00 (New Year)
- £982.00 (May June)

Subject to availability and exclusions. T&Cs apply.

From £4870
2 adults & 1 dog
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About this property

For a pet-friendly getaway in the south of France, Mas Prestige makes a wonderful base for you and your four-legged family. With five gorgeous double bedrooms, and a wealth of fantastic facilities, this recently renovated dog-friendly villa truly is the crème de la crème. Mas Prestige Villa offers you and your furry friend a truly dog-welcoming and relaxing retreat. Your furry friend will love exploring the gardens which are lined by olive trees. You can bask in the fresh air by the private pool, sip champagne on the shaded patio, or slip into the pool house for a peaceful evening. There is even an infrared sauna for you to use at your leisure, providing a perfect spot in which to unwind. Enjoy scenic cycling trips to the nearby communes of Châteaurenard, Maillane, and Eyragues, or venture further afield to the coast, and revel in the expanse of azure oceans and blue skies. 

Dine with Your Dog

Mas Prestige Villa’s fully-equipped kitchen gives you everything you’ll need to craft delicious dinners for you and your dog. You can eat at the dining table, or enjoy your meals out on the terrace. The pool house also features its own kitchen, allowing you to absorb every last ounce of sunshine. The local communes host a healthy variety of cosy dog-friendly cafes and eateries in which to spend your evenings as well!

Bow wow factor

Your pampered pooch will love roaming the villa’s gorgeous manicured garden!

Need to know

Car Parking
Car Parking
Dine With Pet
Dine With Pet
Enclosed Garden/Patio
Enclosed Garden/Patio
Garden Or Patio
Garden Or Patio
Satellite Television
Satellite Television
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

Bedrooms & Suites

Mas Prestige Villa has five gorgeous double bedrooms, each sporting a uniquely elegant aesthetic. Adorned with bespoke modern furnishings, the decor of each room feels deliberately tailored, gifting the entire space a luxurious feel. Each room is air conditioned, ensuring that you’re perfectly comfortable during temperate summer nights, and contain sleek en-suite bathrooms. You’ll marvel at the blissful views of the villa’s idyllic grounds, and ground floor rooms also offer direct access onto the luscious garden - perfect for your four-legged friend. Mas Prestige’s high vaulted ceilings, with exposed wooden beams, add a rustic charm, complemented by an understated, earthy colour scheme. The villa’s wealth of facilities include a bright pool house, two fully-equipped kitchen spaces, a private swimming pool complete with sun loungers, several outdoor seating areas, a spacious living room, and even an infrared sauna, ensuring that you’ll have everything you could possibly want to enjoy a relaxing stay.

Dog-Friendly Nearby

Located on a quiet country road, you’ll have direct access to the quaint nearby communes of Châteaurenard, Maillane, and Eyragues. These rustic townships have plenty of charm, and offer numerous excellent sights to see. Head to Alpilles Natural Regional Park with your furry friend, or indulge in the peaceful surrounds of the nearby bamboo gardens - scenic destinations that your dog will adore. The coast is also well-within reach. The port city of Marseille is only an hour away by car, and features dozens of dog-friendly eateries and bars to trial.
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