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    One dog welcome
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About this property

Dog-friendly Newton House in Yorkshire is a wonderful 300-year-old townhouse situated in the centre of the charming historic market town of Knaresborough. Allegedly built with stone from Knaresborough Castle, it offers Georgian elegance, super comfy beds and award-winning breakfasts. The dog-friendly bedrooms are all well-decorated and very comfy, and also have courtyard access, so you can get in and out very easily – an absolute necessity for all the wonderful Yorkshire walks close by.

Dine with Your Dog

Newton House breakfasts are renowned and Denise uses all local ingredients, with award-winning black pudding, muffins, eggs benedict and omelettes. Your dog can stay in the room while you enjoy your breakfast. Pet-sitting may be available during the evenings on request.

Bow wow factor

On arrival, your dog will be given a lovely welcome and a homemade biscuit. Pets will find dog bowls, beds, towels and toys for their holiday!

Need to know

Accessible by Train
Accessible by Train

Bedrooms & Suites

Both the stable rooms are dog-friendly with direct access from the courtyard car park. Both are superior doubles that can be turned into family or twin rooms. Food bowls, beds, towels toys and treats are available for your four legged friend. A dog sitting service is also available.

Dog-Friendly Nearby

Enjoy visiting the lovely dog-friendly pubs in Knaresborough as well as the Midd Gorge and Mother Shipton's Cave. Denise has a list of wonderful dog-friendly walks and attractions close by, too, so you’ll never run out of incredible doggy activities.
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