#CatsAgainstBrexit – Claws are out ahead of EU referendum

It’s less than 24 hours until polling stations for the EU referendum open and the #CatsAgainstBrexit hashtag has taken Twitter by storm.

In light of the impending vote on 23 June, cat owners have been tweeting pictures of their pets explaining their reasons for wanting to remain part of the EU.

Some cats are voting due to personal reasons, such as trade restrictions on catnip.

Whereas others have been reading up the facts and doing the maths to work out how much of an impact it will have.


However, Brexiteers are not without support among the feline constituency. Prominent leave campaigner and Tory MEP Daniel Hannan tweeted a picture of himself with Grumpy Cat, who is not impressed with the remain campaign.

Which way is your feline voting? We’d love to hear! Send us a tweet with your picture and reason to @PetsPyjamas

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