Children with dogs are less likely to develop asthma

Good news for dog and cat lovers everywhere! Dog and cat allergies cause about half of all allergies for children which prevents a lot of families from getting pets while they have small children.


However, being exposed to a dog or cat during the first year of a child’s life can actually help prevent children from developing asthma. Growing up with a pet brings many benefits to a child’s life such as companionship, learned responsibility and physical exercise – and that might not be the only benefits to growing up with a pet.


Many pet allergies are connected to asthma, where it makes it difficult for the child to breath normally because of breathing in or being near something such as dog fur. But great news for dog lovers planning children – dog allergies can be avoided! If children are exposed to a dog in the first year of their life and it becomes part of their everyday life, it helps to build up their developing immune system and prevent allergies later on. 


Here’s 10 more reasons why pets are good for kids

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