Me & My Pet Exclusive Interview: Andy Murray

PetsPyjamas caught up with two-time Wimbledon Champion, three-time Grand Slam Champion and Olympic gold medallist Andy Murray as he tells us all about life with his beloved Border Terriers, Maggie May and Rusty; how good they are with Andy’s children and how they are his biggest fans whether he wins or loses. 

Tell us about your gorgeous Border Terriers Maggie May and Rusty, when did you get them? 

We’ve had them for a while now – we got Maggie in 2008 and Rusty in 2011. They are great dogs and I love having them around. They are gentle and clever and full of mischief. 

If you could describe Maggie May and Rusty in three words, what would you say? 

Energetic, loyal and cheeky! 

If they were to win an award, what would they win? 

I think they would win an award for loyalty. They are my biggest supporters. Whether I win or lose, they still want to hang out with me.

What difference do they make to your life? 

They help me switch off. Sometimes I find it hard to unwind after a match or if I’ve had a particularly tough training day, but I love taking them for walks or throwing a ball for them in the garden, or even just sitting with them on the sofa –  I find that helps me relax. 

What about their personalities makes you laugh the most? 

They sometimes run off with my socks which I find funny. They have to be pretty crazy to do that, especially after one of my training sessions. 

When did your love of dogs start?

I’ve been always been an animal lover. I’m actually a WWF ambassador and that’s because I’m passionate about animals, wildlife and the environment. I was around dogs from a young age – my grandparents had retrievers, and I loved playing with them as a child. I don’t think our family would feel complete without them. 

What do you love the most about Maggie May and Rusty?

Their gentleness. They are so good with the kids. With four children they often have to put up with a lot but I trust them completely.



Do Maggie May and Rusty act as ball boys/girls for you in practice? 

Haha! No chance. That would be a disaster. They love chasing a tennis ball, but not so much giving it back! 

Do you have a favourite dog-friendly place to visit with them? 

We have some woods near where I live and I really enjoy taking them there for walks. It’s peaceful and they really enjoy it. We did get lost once though and I ended up miles from home!

If you were going to take them on a dog-friendly holiday, where would you go?

Well I’ve got my own hotel, Cromlix, in Scotland… and that is a very dog-friendly hotel, so we would probably go there! I don’t get up there as much as I like, but it’s a great place for dogs because it’s got 34 acres of grounds so there is plenty of space for them to run, and they’re allowed in the bedrooms too. There is even a dog menu!

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