10 Pawsome DIY Dog Toys

We all know how quickly dogs get bored with their toys or even enjoy destroying them –  so it’s important to give them new ones to keep them entertained. But now we’ve all got a bit more time on our hands, how about trying your hand at making your own? Here’s a few ideas for easy homemade dog toys you can make from items you should have lying around the house. So let’s get creative!



1. Ball tug toy


Perfect for a game of tug of war!


Source: Eileen Chow/SheKnows

What you need

  • Tennis ball
  • Old t-shirt 
  • Scissors 

How to make it

  • Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface. 
  • Mark off, and then cut across it in three strategic places. Aim to cut 2 pieces that are roughly 5-6 inches wide, and a thinner strip roughly 2 inches wide. You should end up with 3 tube-like pieces. 
  • Cut each of them at one of the ends to make them into long strips. 
  • Lay 2 wide strips in the shape of an X and place the tennis ball in the middle. 
  • Wrap up the ball, and use the smallest piece of the shirt to tie the toy together.
  • Snip the remaining pieces into strips and braid.



2. T-shirt rope toy


The easiest rope toy you’ll ever make!



What  you need

  • Old t-shirts

How to make it

  • Turn your t-shirts into yarn by cutting them up into long, thin strips. 
  • You’ll need 12 strips, roughly 1-2 yards long.
  • Braid the strips (or yarn) into a rope toy using the scoubidou technique (the friendship bracelet method. Here’s a basic tutorial video if you’ve not made one before!


3. Frozen sock chew toy


Because dogs just love socks! 


Source: Petdiys.com

What you need

  • Old sock
  • Water
  • Freezer

How to make it

  • Tie a long sock into a knot.
  • Soak in water and freeze for 30mins-1hr. 


4. Towel tug toy

A towel-tally tuggable doggie toy!


Source: Good Housekeeping

What  you need

  • Old towels

How to make it

  • Cut a towel into 3 strips, roughly 4 inches wide and 12 inches long.
  • Tie them off at one end with a small towel strip, roughly 1 inch wide and 6 inches long. 
  • Using a classic braiding technique, brad the strips together and use another strip to tie off the end.


5. Old sock & water bottle toy


For pups that love toys that make crinkly sounds.


Source: Bark Post

What  you need

  • Old full length sock
  • Empty water bottle
  • Scissors
  • Roll of string/twine

How to make it

  • Cut the foot off the sock so you’re left with the top end. 
  • Stuff a plastic water bottle inside.
  • Tie both ends with string/twine. It should look a bit like a Christmas cracker!



6. Reclaimed squeaker toy

Revamp an old toy!


Source: Laura-griffin.com

What you need

  • Squeaker from an old toy
  • Fabric 
  • Sewing machine
  • Stuffing (fabric scraps etc)
  • Scissors

How to make it

  • Mark out two evenly cut pieces of fabric. 
  • Stitch the  two pieces of fabric  together, leaving a small opening.
  • Insert the squeaker and stuffing inside.

This one can be fairly complicated, so check out Laura Griffin’s tutorial for more details.


7. Reclaimed denim toy (no sew)


Turn those old jeans into something fun for your pooch.


Source: Creativity Unmasked

What you need

  • Old pair of jeans
  • Scissors

How to make it

  • Lay the jeans on a flat surface.
  • Cut the legs into long strips and lay them out in a cross shape. 
  • Fold the strips over, as demonstrated in this video here.
  • Then tie into a knott!


8. Peanut butter jar


Super simple, but super effective.


Source: The Dodo

What  you need

  • Empty plastic peanut butter jar

How to make it

  • This one couldn’t be easier, it’s already made for you!
  • Simply remove the lid and let your pup lick away for hours.


9. Tennis ball muffin puzzle


Make your dog do all the work with this one.


Source: tips-for-women.com

What  you need

  • Muffin tray
  • Several tennis balls

How to make it

  • Simply put the tennis balls in the muffin compartments! 



10. Plastic bottle t-shirt toy


Convert a spare plastic bottle into a toy that your doggie will love!


Source: Ammo The Dachshund

What  you need

  • Old t-shirt
  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Scissors

 How to make it

  • Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface. 
  • Mark and then cut the shirt into four 1-inch wide strips, which are to be later used as ties.
  • Wrap the remaining fabric around the bottle, and use the ties to secure it.
  • Cut and braid the hanging fabric.


 If you decide to have a go at any of our DIY dog toys, please share your wonderful creations with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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