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Remembrance Day: Animals in wartime

    Remembrance Day is a time to honour the men and women who have risked or lost their lives in times of war however we mustn't forget the sacrifices made by animals. In World War 1 alone, eight million horses were killed and another 2.5 million were injured transporting soldiers, arms and supplies into battle. And the dog's innate qualities of intelligence and devotion meant that, not surprisingly, they have played a significant role in wartime. Running messages, laying telegraph wires, detecting mines, digging out bomb victims and acting as guard or patrol dogs, dogs have battled on despite horrific and terrifying circumstances where they have showed courage and supreme loyalty to their handlers. Cats have also played their part, serving by catching rats on ships and carrying messages around their necks on to the battlefield. Apart from using them for their unique skills, many animals have played a part by acting as pets and mascots,  offering comfort and companionship and helping to boost morale among troops. This picture shows how some British soldiers in Afghanistan have adopted local dogs as pets, getting their families to send them dog food so they can feed the animals.