Indi on Pandora Sykes, Wardrobe Mistress at The Sunday Times Style

We talk to glamour puss Indi about life with her equally stylish owner Pandora Sykes – Fashion Features Editor & Wardrobe Mistress at The Sunday Times Style – and find out whose style she admires the most…


How did you choose Pandora as your owner?

She snaffled me from my mother (who belongs to her mother) for her husband, who had never had a pet and always wanted one.

How do you spend your day?

I sleep on top of my climbing frame, a lot. I like hiding and sleeping in weird places: in Pandora’s husband’s trouser drawer, or under the bed. I also prowl around the sky light of the flat below Pandora’s and sometimes I fall down into the flat below and meow until someone comes to get me. I am not hurt, but I love the sound of my own voice, so it always works.


Are you a glamour puss or street cat?

I hate going outside. I live in a 3rd floor flat, I am just not used to it. Once, Pandora got me a pink harness and matching lead and took me for a walk, as she thought I might like the Great Outdoors, but I set her straight. I flattened myself into a cat puddle and cried until she realised I prefer watching telly on the sofa, to strutting the streets like the other cats who live near me.


What style tips have your given Pandora?

Less is more. I prefer to be naked.

Is fashion important to you?

I love warm, soft things. Cashmere is important to me.


If Pandora was a cat which breed would she be?

A British Blue. Something a bit fancy.

Do you have a favourite – Pandora or Ollie?

Ollie. He is patient when I don’t want to come out from under the bed.


Whose style do you most admire?

Karl Lagerfeld’s pussycat, Choupette. She gets everything she wants.

What are you hoping for Christmas?

As much food as I can eat. And boy, do I like to eat.


What would your ideal night look like? Curled up at home or out on the prowl?

Curled up on Pandora or Ollie’s laps. Preferably, sprawled across both.

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