Me & My Pet: Dr Marvin J.Firth

This week we’ve been in conversation with Dr. Marvin J. Firth from County Equine. Dr. Firth is a veterinary surgeon and it goes without saying- he’s a lover of dogs! He tells us about his most recent work and his two gorgeous furry friends, Golda and Gozo…

Please, can you tell us about your expertise and where you work?

“Being an experienced veterinary surgeon has meant working in general, referral and academic practice. In my own practice, I work internationally, providing consultations to performance horses and dogs. Currently, I cover the south of England and Europe with the horse practice and have launched a canine practice in London. My expertise includes; veterinary chiropody, acupuncture and laser therapy and am an associate of the International Academy of Veterinary Pain Management. This year I have been nominated for Petplan Vet of the Year 2018, shortlisted in the National Veterinary Awards 2018 and received the award of Lux Review Best Canine Healthcare Assistance Business 2018.”

What have you been working on recently?

“This year has seen the official launch of County Canine. This is London’s first regular clinic in pain management and mobility for dogs. There hasn’t been another clinic of its kind under the direction of a veterinary surgeon offering home visits and some clinic spaces combining my knowledge in veterinary medicine, pain management and additional therapies in chiropractic, acupuncture and laser therapy. I examine a variety of canine cases including geriatric dogs, those with lameness, post surgery or genetic problems or those with spinal/neurological or painful conditions.”

What are your dogs’ name, breed, and age?

“I have become co-parent to two cockapoos! Golda is the eldest at 5 years and Gozo is the youngest at 3 years.”

Do they have any funny habits?

“Golda is very much more human and Gozo much more dog! Golda will often sit and try and grumble to us as if she is talking and Gozo loves hoarding and burying things! It isn’t unusual to look outside of the landing window to the garden and see a mass of soft toy, underpants and sock carnage going on amidst flurries of soil and what were once lovely flowers!”

Do you take your dogs on holiday with you?

“Yes, we are really lucky. We travel every year to the Isles of Scilly, in particular, the island of Tresco. As I perform veterinary work on the island we are given the chance to take the two dogs with us for at least a week every summer. They love travelling in the car and get to either sail or fly with us in the cabin to the islands. It feels like a family adventure! They love to swim in the sea and dig in the sand.”
Dr Marvin J. Firth with his cockapoo dog

Do you ever take your dog to work with you?

“Golda has accompanied me to multiple dog shows to assist in the judging (it is only right that when it comes to choosing the dog the judge would like to take home, that Golda gets a say too!)… They are both therapy dogs and my partner is a consultant psychiatrist. They make the commute on the tube to their hospital and see patients 1-2 days a week with them.”

What difference has your dog made to your life?

“They are great company and after a long day at work show you unconditional love. We have explored many a location, country house, restaurant and party with them and I can’t envisage them not being there!”

Are there any dog charities you are involved with?

“Currently, I am working with the Dog’s Trust as the only veterinary member on their Philanthropy board and also assisting in their Worldwide Education programme. I love the innovative ways that the Dog’s Trust develops to improve public education and their novel schemes to help the homeless and victims of domestic violence. Additionally, I am also a supporter of the Brooke Equine charity and their work with working equids.”

What are your views on animal welfare?

“I believe that education is key to improving animal welfare overall, both from a professional (e.g. Veterinary) and public stand. Often a lot of the problems we see are man made and this is through lack of education. I am keen to often promote the work County Canine carries out and this has included the benefits of some of the additional therapies in elderly or geriatric dogs; a group of canines often overlooked.”


Dr. Marvin J.Firth MRCVS has launched London’s first regular clinic. They offer combined knowledge in veterinary medicine. Additionally, they offer therapies in chiropractic, acupuncture and laser therapy to improve comfort, mobility, and performance. Ultimately improving quality of life to dogs in the home or clinic. For more information please visit or follow on Instagram @countyequine
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