The Pet Inspectors at Somerset House


Rufus and Heidi join the petset in Somerset…


On our way with our LoveMyDog collars and leads and we are off again to inspect stylish celeb hangout Babington House, in deepest Somerset. We have heard it’s a country retreat for media folk so we are super excited. After a long drive down the A303 we arrive at the beautiful main house to a terrific welcome from Hannah and Craig who greet us with hugs and kisses and show us all to our dog room! Yes, Babington has exclusive dog rooms set aside for owners and their pets. Our room is gorgeous, with plenty of room and lovely big beds, bowls and blankets.

We are immediately whisked out for a walk and instantly bump into a yellow lab to play with. We walk round a lovely lake and everyone is very friendly. Rather than be put out at being left alone for supper we were happy to relax in our room on our very comfy big beds while watching a bit of TV.

Next day we investigated the library whilst our owners had a coffee and then had a lovely walk in the grounds stopping off at Lulu’s shop for lots of chatter about Pearl Lowe and her set who all live nearby and all love their dogs.

Next day our owners head off for a swim in the outdoor infinity pool whilst we are left with the staff who shower us with attention and lots of nibbles. Babington House offer a dog walking and dog sitting service and we have even been promised a romp round the woods on our next visit.

We think Babington is brilliant and we met some lovely celebrities, although we couldn’t possible say who, and have been promised another trip soon. We can’t wait!





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