Shih Tzu – is this the right dog breed for me?

Lifestyle blogger Claire Mina White tells us what it’s like to own a Shih Tzu and why they are such great canine companions…

The name Shih-Tzu translates into ‘little lion’, but there is nothing fierce about this breed. Bred specifically to be a companion, they fulfil their duties with pride; they are, after all, the epitome of a lap dog. Affectionate and loving, they’re never happier then when snuggled on your lap. They simply adore giving and receiving attention. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the Shih-Tzu is a couch potato – they are completely alert and lively – like most dogs they love a good game! Adorable and friendly, these little fluff balls are loved by all – even those who say they’re scared of dogs end up falling in love with these designer pups.

Our little Shih-Tzu King Louis, who is going to be two this November, perfectly fits all of these characteristics. He has many other positive traits, too – read below to find out more!

Top people skills

As mentioned above, these dogs thrive around people and love socialising. They are very good with adults and children and happy to meet other furry friends in the park also. Please bear in mind that each dog no matter the breed, will require training and being introduced to new people and dogs in the appropriate manner.

Hypoallergenic coat

I am a severe asthmatic so unfortunately couldn’t ever really own a dog breed that sheds its coat (which A LOT of them do)! Luckily, the Shih-Tzu is a breed that doesn’t shed, as their coat is hypoallergenic. This means they have a double coat, which can be quite high maintenance, as it requires daily grooming to prevent knots occurring and matting. However, it does make them super soft and fluffy like a teddy, perfect for those aforementioned cuddles!

Adaptable to different environments

Handily, these little dogs are very adaptable to most different living environments. They are happy in a house, large apartment, the rolling hills of the beautiful countryside or the exciting urban jungle of a city.

Easy to train

King Louis was toilet trained using puppy training pads at first, then we introduced him to the back door into the garden as he got a little bigger. He was incredibly easy to train and willing to please us but it does take a lot of patience, time and attention from you to see quick results.

Cheeky chappy

Shih Tzu’s are known for being a little cheeky and (without being rude) they are complete and total show offs! They love playing with their owners and being the centre of attention. They wiggle their little furry bottoms and tail, and give you a little mischievous look when they want some treats or a walk. Their slightly squashed faces and big eyes make them utterly adorable and easy to forgive when being a little cheeky!

Finally, here is a myth for you that I read about Shih Tzus which I think adds even more to the charm and appeal of this special breed…

‘It is said that a Shih Tzu was carried by Buddha and when robbers confronted the prophet on his travels, the Shih Tzu turned into a lion and fought the robbers away. Buddha kissed the Shih Tzu on top of its head afterwards. Many Shih Tzus have a white spot on top of their head where Buddha kissed the dog, or so the myth says.’

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