Dog-friendly holiday packing list by Spaniel Life

Steph from Spaniel Life shares the doggie travel checklist she follows when packing for a break away with pooches Sev and Lily…

Booking your dog-friendly getaway with PetsPyjamas is just the start of the adventure! Being prepared and ready for your break is really important to ensure you have a fun and relaxed trip with your pooch. As Sev and Lily travel so much, we’ve put together a list of everything you need when packing for your pooch.


Make sure you bring enough of your pet’s own food for the stay, and then some extra too. You never know if an extra night may pop up, or even if you get delayed with traffic. Changing your pet’s diet suddenly can cause problems, so it’s always best to bring the food they know and eat every day. Don’t forget their food and water bowls too!

Treats and chews

Being somewhere new can be very exciting, so keeping Sev and Lily settled with a chew while we eat dinner and breakfast, or having treats at hand to get their attention is always helpful.

Poo bags

Enough said!

Bedding and blankets

Some hotels do offer bedding which is lovely, however we always bring one of our own too. If your dog isn’t used to being away from home, it can be a little stressful, so keeping bedding and smells the same, can really help settle them. Blankets are also good for laying on human beds. Some hotels have a no pets on furniture policy, however an excited Spaniel can creep up every now and again, so it’s best to be prepared.

Towels or drying coats

We are in the UK after all! Having a towel by the door at the hotel can be really handy, and shows that you’re being a responsible pet owner in trying to clean up after your pooch. Sev and Lily adore their drying jumpers too, and usually will have a drink with us in the bar with them on before going back to the room.

Insurance and medical details

Having these at hand for emergencies is essential. Of course, we hope that they’ll never need to be used, but it’s sensible to have them with you.

Leads, harnesses and bow ties

As well as your pet’s standard lead and collar (with an ID tag attached) you should also consider a harness if you’re planning on walking far. Or even a bow tie or bandana to help your pooch look the part whilst dining in the hotel.

Toys and games

A ball is more than enough for a Spaniel, but if your pooch has a favourite toy or a fluffy friend that will help keep him or her content, make sure you bring it along too.

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