Spotlight on Reg & Bob

At PetsPyjamas we love new brand  Reg & Bob.  Inspired by owner, Sarah Blythman’s lively Norfolk terriers, Reg & Bob, their collars and leads are designed to be super practical – perfect for this energetic twosome -and are vibrant and fun..  Hardwearing and washable they are perfect for playing with pals, splashing in muddy puddles, tearing through woodlands or dashing into the sea. We asked Sarah to tell us about her dogs Reg & Bob and how she got the idea for the brand.

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Can you tell us a little about yourself ?

I was brought up with dogs and knew that when I was older, dogs would always be part of my family – infact we had our first Norfolk terrier Ted before we had children. Now Reg and Bob make the family complete.

What gave the idea to set up your brand?

Reg and Bob are really adventurers and particularly love to swim. I couldn’t find a collar that allowed them to do that and yet not shrink, fade or disintegrate. And they needed to look stylish too. Therefore I decided to design my own.

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Tell us a little about the founders Reg & Bob?

They are a really loving, fun pair. As half brothers they get on really well and look out for each other. (They love nothing more than hanging out with their sisters.) Reg is the more sensible of the two and Bob just loves to swim – even in a puddle! If I could change one thing about them, I wish they weren’t such terrible scavengers!! However it is hysterical if they get the scent of a picnic at the same time and dash towards it in unison – with me panicking after them!!

How would describe the collars and leads? What are their USP?

They are for dogs that want to be dogs!! Vibrant and stylish yet totally practical – they can be thrown in the washing machine and come out looking like new. For me, they provide just the right amount of dressing up.

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Are they suitable for all dogs?

The collars fit most sizes including a miniature daschund and we had a great dane modelling for us too. The collars wouldn’t work on whippets and greyhounds who need a specialised collar but the leads fit all.

Do you plan to expand the brand into other accessories?

Yes that is what I am working on at the moment. I would like to introduce other products that compliment the range and yet still carry the signature stripe.

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Where do Reg & Bob like to travel to?

They especially love the beaches in Dorset and Cornwall and when the wind is running through their fur it is so obvious how happy they are.

Any favourite cafes?

The Hive beach cafe – Burton Bradstock. Fantastic fresh fish and excellent puddings and you can walk straight in after your beach walk – but get there early!

Hallys – lovely healthy Californian inspired food and always a welcome for Reg and Bob!

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