The Story Behind Barney’s Biscuit Boxes

As you may or may not know, we work with the supplier of Barney‘s Biscuit Boxes and we wanted to share their story. Here is what Matt (the owner) sent us about his business:

The reason we started Barney’s Biscuit Boxes is down to one little being, Barney our Labrador cross who we rescued almost 10 years ago. Barney was born on a puppy farm and originally sold through a pet shop. A shop that was only interested in profit and sold Barney to a couple whose lifestyle didn’t fit his needs. Therefore he was in a rescue home within weeks of being sold. We were his fifth home in the first 9 months of his life. So having adopted a puppy farmed dog we were interested in understanding as much as possible about the industry. Dogs have been a part of our family life for over 40 years and we’d never heard the term or the industry. After discovering what an abhorrent money making industry it is we thought it our duty to let others know about the industry. The more people that know about the issues the less people will buy farmed puppies and hopefully there is less human and canine suffering.

Our new range of dog biscuits is a way of giving a little information to customers about the issues of puppy farming in the hope they can disseminate the knowledge to friends and family. For each packet we sell we donate to a small fund that we have created. We hope the fund will grow large enough to be able to help pay for the veterinary expenses of dogs rescued from puppy farms. This in turn will hopefully free up dog rescue funds which they can then spend on dogs that are rescued from the streets.

We want to produce the best biscuit possible, after all Barney is as important to us as any family member (even more so in some cases!). Rather than producing biscuits that almost every other manufacturer creates, we decided to use fresh ingredients rather than use dry powdered products. Our ingredients are all from the human food chain, with no additives, preservatives or derivatives. However, our Carrot & Ginger biscuits use fresh carrots and ginger, which we juice and pulp. We then add them to the dough. This results in a strong biscuit as we have actual fruit fibres holding the biscuit together making it a different texture to standard dog treat biscuit. It’s much more difficult to use fresh ingredients but we believe the final product and your dog is worth it. We hope you do too.

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