Anna Halliday Hallys PetsPyjamas Dining With Your Dog

Cafe owner Anna Halliday & Arthur

Owner of Hally’s cafe, Anna Halliday has created a California-style eatery and coffee shop in the heart of Parsons Green that has become the go-to place for dogs owners and their pups. Here she tells us how her gorgeous Irish Terrier, Arthur loves to come to Hally’s to meet his friends and help ‘sweep’ the floors!


What made you decide to set up your cafe and what future plans do you have for it?

I live in the area, and saw that there was a big need for somewhere relaxed where you could pick up an easy, healthy meal and a delicious coffee. In the future we are going to try to be as organic as possible in the produce we use. We are also going to open for supper – keeping the same relaxed vibe, but with a more specialist food offerings.


What is your breed of dog and how old is he?

Arthur is an Irish Terrier and he is nine months old.  We chose the breed because they are intelligent dogs and super cute.


Do you always take Arthur to work with you?

Arthur comes to visit me at Hally’s when I’m working.  He loves coming because there are usually lots of other dogs to socialise with, and he also likes to help sweep the floor at the end of the day!


What difference has Arthur made to your life?

He has made my life infinitely better – he gets rid of my bad mood in the morning when I have to wake up very early for work, he is always around for cuddles and we have become friends with lots of new people in the area on our walks together.


Where do you like to exercise Arthur?

We are lucky as there are lots of green spaces where we live.  Eelbrook Common is Arthur’s favourite park as there are always lots of other dogs there, and we sometimes go to Bishops Park and South Park.  He also loves going to stay with my parents in the countryside as he has lots of space to run around and there are lots of new smells.


Does Arthur have any best friends?

Arthur loves all the staff at Hally’s because they spoil him with treats and cuddles!  Dog-wise there is a little Westie called Mac who he loves to play with in the park, and an older Ridgeback called Shumba who he likes to tease with his puppy mischievousness.


Do you have some favourite places you like to take him to?

We take him to the groomers at Hurlingham Pets, and he loves going to the White Horse on Parsons Green where he gets lots of attention.


Does he have any funny ways?

He loves to ‘take himself for a walk’ by putting the lead in his mouth whilst walking along the road.  He is always doing silly things to make us laugh, he is the class clown.


Anything you feel strongly about regarding pet welfare?

We owe it to our pets to treat them well and make sure they have a safe and happy life – it is our moral responsibility if we have animals in our care.


What is on your wishlist from PetsPyjamas?

There are so many gorgeous things on PetsPyjamas!  On my wish list are one of the cute cable knit jumpers for winter and one of the Balmoral collars which are very smart. I also love the Hiro + Wolf collar and lead he is wearing for today’s shoot – so stylish!




Bring your dog to Hally’s and get a free dog treat with your coffee or meal. *

* Valid until the end of October. One treat per dog.


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