Things to do with your dog this National Pet Month

Things to do with your dog this National Pet Month 

In honour of National Pet Month, the team at PetsPyjamas wanted to share some furtastic suggestions on how you and Fido can raise awareness and funds this April. Below we have 10 top tips to help you celebrate your love of pets. 

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Review Fido’s care protocols

The focus of this year’s National Pet Month is all about responsible pet ownership, so it’s really important to review how you care for your dog and the lifestyle that your pet leads. Double check that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and check when you last flea treated and wormed them.

Walk for an extra 10 minutes

By adding on an extra 10 minutes to Fido’s walks, a huge difference can be made in terms of their health, weight and fitness level. It might not sound like much, but this will be sure to keep them fit and active into their old age – you too will feel the benefits!

Make a new canine-companion

Socialising your four-legged friend is key to their happiness. Make it a challenge this month to find a new friend for Fido – perhaps a neighbour or friends dog that your pooch enjoys spending time with, and set up some regular play dates for them to enjoy some exercise and fun in the park together!

Arrange a group walk

If you know people with dogs, why not set up a relaxing Sunday walk as a group to enable your dogs to meet and play, plus it’ll give the human’s a chance to have a catch-up and meet some other dogs too!

Explore somewhere new

Spring is here, so why not make the most of the gorgeous spring sunshine and take Fido out for a trip to the countryside or the beach – somewhere for them to see new sights and sniff out new things! Chances are you’ll meet some canine companions on your adventure! Why not extend your day trip to a weekend away? PetsPyjamas have thousands of pet-friendly hotels and cottages to choose from, so give the dedicated dog-friendly Travel Concierge team a call on 0203 642 3162 to discuss your requirements.

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Get involved in raising money

With it being National Pet Month, there is no better time to get involved and raise much-needed funds for our four-legged friends. Support your local pet charities by sussing out what’s going on in your hometown or city and get involved – whether its donating money to a charity raffle or having a charity bake sale in the office.

Let other dog owners know

Spread the word about National Pet Month! Talking to fellow dog owners in the park, using social media and sending out an office email are some great ways to get people thinking and talking about dog care protocols and how we can work together to raise much-needed funds for our furry-friends.

Support your favourite pet charity

Why not set up a charity event of your own? Get together with fellow dog lovers and come up with a fun event idea – perhaps a wine tasting or a charity quiz night. Contact your local animal shelter and see if they’re looking for volunteers.

Find a new pet-friendly venue

Do some research and discover dog-friendly businesses in your area or further afield. From cosy coffee shops to quaint countryside pubs, you might just discover your new favourite hang out where Fido is welcome to join you.  

Keep the momentum going

Once the month of April is finished, charities will still need funding so it’s essential to continue supporting worthy causes! Use National Pet Month as a starting point and think about how you can continue to help furry-friends throughout the year.

This year PetsPyjamas are sponsoring BowWow Haus London – a charity auction featuring the work of architects, artists and designers who have created 65 bespoke dog kennels. To help you celebrate National Pet Month in style, we’re running a competition for you to win a pair of tickets to attend the pawtastic event as VIP guests! You’ll each receive a fabulous goodie bag (plus drinks and nibbles at the event). 

PetsPyjamas BowWow Haus Competition!

We’d love to hear how you’re raising awareness for National Pet Month so please get in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram or send us a tweet and don’t forget to enter the BowWow Haus competition! Don’t forget, it’s National Pet Day on Wednesday 11th April so please send us photos of your favourite canine companion!