It’s National Pet Month! How can you help our furry friends?

It’s National Pet Month! How can you help our furry friends?

This week we’re talking about National Pet Month! Each year thousands of pet lovers, welfare charities, businesses and schools give up their time and come together to promote life with pets by spreading the word about responsible pet ownership and raising funds for their favourite charities in fun-filled events.

A recent study proved to us what we already know – dogs make us pawsitively happy! We believe they deserve some love in return and are thrilled to be taking part to support ‘man’s best friend’.

Photo: BowWow Haus London

In support of National Pet Month, which runs from 1st April-7th May 2018, our charity of choice is the Blue Cross, an animal charity close to our hearts who pride themselves on helping sick, injured and homeless pets.

This year we’re super excited to sponsor BowWow Haus London – a pawtastic charity event featuring the work of architects, artists and designers who have created bespoke dog kennels which will be displayed throughout London from 19 March 2018 in collaboration with Blue Cross. This will be the first ever public exhibit and auction of artistic dog kennels in Britain and there will be 65 dog kennels on display in London.

The kennels will be available to purchase at a charity auction with part of the proceeds going to Hertfordshire Rehoming Centre Appeal and the Outdoor Arts Foundation, so it’s a truly pawfect event to celebrate our four-legged friends during National Pet Month.

Photo: BowWow Haus London

Don’t forget to keep your eye on the PetsPyjamas Facebook and Instagram for info on our exclusive upcoming competition! We’re inviting you and a friend to attend the BowWow Haus London 2018 charity auction (drinks and nibbles included!). You’ll each receive a fabulous goodie bag and a chance to bid on one-off designer kennels for a great cause. 

If you think your pooch deserves a treat or two during National Pet Month (any excuse to spoil them!), check out our PetsPyjamas Spring Sale (up to 50% off). Hurry, the offer ends soon! 

We’d love to hear how you’re supporting National Pet Month so please send us a tweet or Instagram us a photo of your favourite pet and how you’re getting involved!  

Image of Wilson in Shoreditch (our own image)

National Pet Month runs from 1st April-7th May 2018.

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