Which is better: a collar or a harness?

Training a dog for walks can sometimes be a difficult business. Anyone who’s ever taken out a big, excitable, four month old pup for a morning stroll may know that an extra strong leather harness, along with a good technique, can make all the difference.

Without the level of control offered by a harness, walking the dog can quickly become being walked by the dog; and being toppled by your hyperactive hound in the middle of the park is never a good look!

Of course, the question is, which should you go for – a collar or a harness? It’s a topic of much debate in the veterinary world, and there are basically two schools of thought. Lead and collar users argue that the pressure you can exert with a lead teaches the dog not to pull on the lead, making it calmer, more obedient, and easier to walk.

Meanwhile, harness users argue that you can in fact have greater control with a device like an extra strong leather harness, which allows you to ’show’ your canine companion the right way to walk, as you are able to guide them more easily. They also maintain that a harness has far less potential to damage a dog’s windpipe through repeated tugging. However, some lead and collar supporters argue that long-term harness use can cause shoulder damage.

Whether a collar or harness is better for your dog may depend on a number of factors, including your pet’s size and temperament – as well as your own strength and preferred technique. If you have any questions about the health implications of using a lead or harness, you should consult your local vet for advice.

You can also find helpful tips from fellow dog owners online – so, if you’re unsure about whether to use a lead or harness, ask a forum. This may not necessarily give you a conclusive verdict, but it might at least help you to decide which method is best for you and your pet. To find out more about dog harnesses online, take a look at eHow’s useful guide.

Whichever option you decide to go with, the one thing that a dog harness and a collar have in common is that neither of them will instantly resolve a problem. If your pet refuses to obey, then you may need to look into practical training methods to successfully teach it to walk at your pace – as with most things, practice makes perfect!

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