Two legged puppy shares wheelchair with best friend

A 16-week-old Boxer called Duncan-Lou has melted hearts across the globe in recent videos of him and his best friend Ducky. The Boxer, who was born with severely deformed legs, has been overcoming his disability with the help of a bespoke wheelchair which Ducky has taken to riding in. The two like to cart around together in the wheelchair which has been dubbed ‘Chariots of Inspire’.




Duncan-Lou had an operation last month to separate his fused back legs, but he is making great progress with regular physiotherapy and has taken to his new chair with ease and confidence. Owner Amanda Giese has told reporters of how she was nervous at first, but Duncan-Lou adjusted quickly to the ‘green spaceship’, especially once his best friend Ducky climbed on board. The video of the inseparable pair has been a global hit with over 750,000 views.

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