15 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

With temperatures on the rise, it’s time to think about protecting your furry friend from the heat. Just like us, dogs can suffer from heatstroke, and so we’ve put together our list of top tips to help keep your pooch cool, safe and happy in the summer sun. 


1. Only walk your dog early in the morning or late evening to avoid the hottest time of the day




2. Avoid hot pavements as these can lead to blisters and burns to their paws. You can always test the pavements by taking your shoes off – it’s amazing just how hot the pavements get! 


3. Keep several bowls of water in different rooms and drop ice cubes into the bowl to keep them cool. 


4. Consider buying a cool a vest to keep your dog super cool or a cool mat to lie on instead of their normal bed.




5. Consider buying a small paddling pool for the garden. Your doggie will love splashing about in the sun. 


6. Never leave your dog in a car unattended in this weather, or in conservatories or any small hot rooms even for a short time. Their temperature can quickly rise and this can be fatal. 


7. Make sure you carry plenty of water and a collapsible water bowl in the car, even for short journeys. 


8. Don’t tie your dog up outside a supermarket as the angle of the sun might change, leaving your dog exposed to the heat. 


9. Wrap your dog up in a damp towel to cool them down. 



10. Use pet-safe sun cream on exposed parts of your dog’s skin. 


11. Check for ticks and seeds after a trip in the park. 


12. On holiday, don’t let your dog drink too much water from the sea as this can dehydrate them. 



Check out our article on how to keep your dog beach safe this summer for more dog beach safety tips! 


13. Make sure longer haired dogs get their summer haircut to keep them cool. Ensure you keep your pooch groomed as matter fur can also lead to overheating


14. Discard any uneated food quickly. Food left out in the heat can quickly spoil, which not only attracts flies. 


15. Where possible avoid travel on the trains or public transport during busy periods. 


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